Are you ready for Christmas?

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Christmas is less than a week away!  What?!?  I cannot believe this.  Are you ready for Christmas to be here?  I know that I am not even close to being ready.  This may be the first year ever that I have not been done with all of my shopping the week before Christmas. 


This year, we plan to travel to see family for Christmas.  This makes my timeline to be "done" even shorter.  However, I am surprisingly not stressed about having so much to do with so little time left.  I know this because no matter how many presents will be bought or how many casseroles that will be made, Christmas will still come.  We will still celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the reason we have a special day called Christmas.


Among the hustle and bustle that is the holiday season, remember that Christmas will still be here no matter what, so take some time to reflect, and ask yourself "Are you ready for Christmas?", are you READY to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the one who came to save the world, ARE YOU READY?







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