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There is so many things going on here in Arkansas lately that we could talk about... football, food, family, but let's talk about another f-word ... FASHION!  Southern girls take their fashion very seriously.  Whether it is going to a football game or night out with the girls, we always want to look our best.

Today is the first day of FALL, so you might be thinking it is time to put up all of your summer clothes.  Slow down for a sec...Remember we are still in the south!  We are going to have some warmer days.  Throw on a light jacket or cardigan over that sleeveless top.  Think LAYERS!  Plaid is in right now, so tie a plaid shirt around your waist by day and throw it on your shoulders when the sun goes down.

Remember to think about everything you are going to do during the day because here in Arkansas we can experience ALL four seasons in one day!  However, that does not mean we do not have to sacrifice looking our best.  For extra help on this topic, I have linked to some Fashion Experts for this blog post!

Check out the newest blog on food, family, and of course FASHION from a fellow Arkansan, Madison George!  The link to her blog, A Green Eyed Blonde, is below!





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